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Term & Conditions

Term & Conditions

1. Goods Once Sold will not take back.

2. All disputes are Subject to Delhi Jurisdiction.

3. The Customer undertakes to make lawful and reasonable use of the standby phone during the whole of the period it is in the customer’s possession, in accordance with manufacturer’s instructions for use.

4. The Customer must immediately report any case of Loss/theft/damage of standby phone to our customer care number +919999786179 any and all charges incurred for that standby phone, will be borne by the customer.

5. If your gadget is collected for service, it should take 24 hrs for it to be fixed. It could take longer depending on delay on parts approval and/or parts procurement.

6. If gadget requires a part rebuild, part cost will be borne by the customer. Our customer service team will call you exclusively to take your kind approval before we rebuild any parts.

7. In case gadget is given with NO POWER/NO DISPLAY/completely non-functional, only post our through check-up, we will be able to revert with exact diagnosis and list of parts gone badly. We follow a decision tree approach us the problem, thus it could be quite possible that we may call you more than once to seek a revised approval of additional parts.

8. In case the customer's device is brought to our ’s Doctor centre and the customer denies/does not approve our charge and requests return of the device, we would charge INR 299 as our diagnose / logistics charge. In case customer has provided the approval, and we are unable to source the part or not being able to fix, we return the gadget with complete amount without any deduction.

9.  ’s Doctor guarantees 100% data security however, due to the nature of our service, no data loss and 100% data recovery is not guaranteed. ’s Doctor has a secure and streamlined process to ensure your device’s safety however, is not responsible for any loss/damage of the gadget during the time of transit service or while the gadget is in the custody of ’s Doctor as there are uncontrollable factors that might cause the same(theft/robbery/act of god etc.)Please note that while collecting the invoice, ensure the request ID/invoice id is mentioned at all times.

10. All phones Which are fixed or fix will be held for 15 days maximum post fix, if delivery not claimed by the customer, after 15 days company won’t be responsible for any loss/damage.

11. Customer have to pay our visit charges of INR 299.00 during our warranty period as per company policy.

These terms & condition are subject to change, ’s Doctor reserves the right to update or amend these term & conditions at any time without prior notice.

12. Break down parts damage by water do not covered under warranty.

13. The defective parts rebuild while undertaking the Fixx will not be returned to the customer.

14. All fix are under warranty of 30+150 days.

15. Hardware warranty too will be for 30 days. Warranty, however does not include Physical damage, liquid damage, Tempering of any third person servicing.

16. If,your gadget is not fix for any reason fix charges applicable for diagnoses Smartphone’s Rs-299.00,iPad Rs-399.00,Macbook Rs-799.00,Laptop Rs-399.00.

17. Taxes not including on all estimates..

18. The Customer must produce the original service report at the time of taking the delivery. The ’s Doctor service reserve the right to refuse delivery upon non-production of the original service report.

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